Stephen Whitmore

Hi, I’m Stephen. I’m known as noffle on the internet.

I am a…

I used to be many other things, but titles not exercised are titles expired.

Right now, I make free open source tools to empower myself and others to live more freely.

Since mid-2016, when I decided that I had had enough of living my life asleep, I’ve been studying buddhism, stoicism, and my own ad-hoc method of exploring my mind, body, and life. I seek to be fearless, in tune with my body, and to open myself to others and experiences enough for deep, meaningful connections.

I’m currently doing independent work with Digital Democracy, building a modular peer-to-peer mapping architecture that lets anybody create digital maps, even without the internet.

You can reach me best by email or Twitter. I’m also on distributed social media.

If you like the work I do, don’t send me money. Send me a thank you.

If you know what PGP is, here is my public key.