The Demands of Open Source

2016-10-13 11:40:10

My Conundrum

With the recent popularity of my article Art of README – which has easily been my most well-known work ever, I’ve experienced first hand what other more prominent members of the OSS community know quite well: the deluge of pull requests, issues, and outright demands of the community.

So I lamented this publicly on Twitter.

To my surprise, I very quickly received a small wealth of loving responses on how to take care of both my users, but even moreso, myself.

Thanks everyone. I’ll try and pace myself, and not let others’ expectations become internalized demands upon me. 😃

It wasn’t mentioned, but I think feeling this happening is also a fantastic signal that it may be time to add more collaborators with commit rights to your projects. Look for folks who have been dedicating time, effort, and love to your projects and show them you appreciate them by giving them the trust and power to contribute more freely!