Spurred by ev’s blog post, I felt compelled to share a bit about where I was eight years ago, where I am today, and where I see myself in another eight years.

This was a fun exercise to help me see both a) how far I’ve come!, and b) focus on my present-day trajectory toward the future.

Me: Eight years ago

  • 2009
  • still a university student
  • living in waterloo, on
  • doing an internship at sony writing dvd authoring software
  • had just discovered linux the year prior and was digging in DEEP
  • running ubuntu on my laptop experimentally (windows dualboot)
  • had JUST started dating my first girlfriend
  • had no idea who I was
  • had no idea I had no idea who I was
  • did lots of game development
  • no open source, but I thought it looked cool
  • lurked on various open source mailing lists in awe
  • node wasn’t invented yet
  • knew virtually zero javascript
  • I had never left the continent
  • had only left the country once (Florida)
  • thought I was straight
  • never meditated before
  • terrified of cities

Me: Today

  • 2017
  • I write open source software for a living
  • I don’t write any proprietary / closed source code any more, ever
  • I live in california with my partner
  • moving to oakland this year!
  • I don’t really write video games any more
  • I’m studying buddhism & zen
  • I meditate nearly every day
  • I understand my own mental health more deeply than ever before
  • I have more ability to trust others than ever before

Me: Eight years in the future

  • live off the grid (solar, wind, river powered hacks)
  • live somewhere that I don’t need a work visa to not be deported
  • continue to write open source software full-time
  • be funded by donations to my work, so I can focus on what matters to me
  • have very little need or use for money
  • be and feel fully content with what I have & escape the bottomless hole of consumerism
  • feel healthy, stable, and at peace with myself and the world
  • eat a healthy diet, devoid of processed foods
  • have a garden where I grow a bunch of my own food
  • run a regular blog (like this one!) that helps and inspires people
  • deep connections to communities that matter to me and make the world a better place

My goals for society in eight years

  • a rich ecosystem of quality, secure, user empowering peer-to-peer software
  • open source is the new software default
  • cooperatives are the new business default
  • more communal property ownership; less exploitative ownership

Questions? Wrote your own “eight years” post? Send me an email or message me on distributed social media!