Hello traveler! I’m noffle.

I’m slowly exploring the world while writing open source software, studying my body & mind & the natural world, and learning to tend with care to my relationships with others. I appreciate living simply, with as few barriers put up between me and life as I can manage. Read more about me.

This blog is my attempt to document my life in a way that inspires, educates, and illuminates the both of us.

These words are shared freely. No ads; subscriptions; tracking, or anything that tries to extract from you. This website even tries to not be wasteful of resources – this page is under 3 kilobytes. The entire website in toto is under 1 megabyte.

Latest Articles



CHAIN SWORD is a 2-4 player single screen versus game, where you fling yourself around with a sword that is also a grappling hook.


cabal is an experimental p2p community chat platform. No servers are needed to join a cabal, or to start your own. Everything is stored and runs locally. A cabal can never go down or be taken away, and is private & undiscoverable by default.


Mapeo is an open source, offline map editor. Mapeo makes it easy for individuals or teams to create maps and organize stories and knowledge.


An experimental small core database for p2p applications.